Quality and safety

For UNIVERSE SHIPPING quality and safety are of paramount importance, both for its vessels and crew.

UNIVERSE SHIPPING has a fleet of technically sophisticated, up-to-date tankers, all built in recent years.
All ships are of course double hull, perfectly maintained with high tech quality equipment from leading brands.

As far as security is concerned, clear rules are set up and approved for in manuals and protocols.
All vessels meet the EBIS regulations in terms of safety and quality for tankers.

UNIVERSE SHIPPING only employs qualified crews on its ships.
The aim is to operate with fixed crew members per team as much as possible and to ensure long term commitments.
All crew members regularly attend safety courses in order to keep up and improve their knowledge of the latest rules and regulations.

From out of its central office UNIVERSE SHIPPING guarantees operational quality and security.
It is in the capable hands of two technical operations managers with many years experience in this inland navigation area.